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Telephone Line Cords

The line cord connects between the base of a telephone and a phone jack. It's called a line cord, because it provides access to the phone line. Some old phone guys call it a "base cord" or a "mounting cord." Standard lengths are 7, 14, and 24 feet, but other sizes are available. Line cords are not used just for phones. They are used for lots of telecom equipment, including faxes, modems (remember them?) answering machines (remember them?) credit card terminals, patch panels, Caller ID displays, alarm systems, chimes, strobes, and more.

  • Our Line Cord Base Model number is LC4C7
  • Four Conductor
  • Length: 7ft.
  • Silver Satin in color
  • New
  • Nortel telephone line cords come in packages of 10
Price: $12.95

Call for larger qty. 1-615-781-2443

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